Website for 2500€?

I really dont know if 2500€ or in dollar its like 3200 will give me a good website.

I would be really grateful if someone could enlighten me a bit.

Website should contain:

Main site (with everything that is common)
a blog
and should have some sort of payment system

Most of the Design is provided by me but you never know

pls dont hate me for that this is the only forum i’m in so i thought i’d give it a shot.

thanks for reading this just write your first thoughts :slight_smile:

No idea what professional development costs are, but I’d recommend having a go at making one yourself. My site took me about a single months worth of evenings to set up and build. I haven’t really done much on it recently, only updating it for job applications (the about me section) or when inspiration strikes (the blog).

If you get yourself a free host (I’ve used X10 and byethost), and install some blog software (both X10 and byethost have software installers). Then you can do what you like!
I hand-coded a couple pages on my site simply because I could. I could have done it all in the CMS I use for my blog (PivotX, other options are wordpress etc.)

you could pay 2500$ for a decnt website, i’m sure there are enough experienced web builders that could do you something nice for that price. Building a website yourself is easier than it appears though. Like sdfgeoff i have just finished(well, very nearly) coding my own site with no previous coding experience. it is almost entirely done with HTML5 and CSS3 ( the most up to date web coding language). the main pages are done by me and the blog is a wordpress subdomain that links back to the main site.
you don’t even need expensive software. it can be done in notepad (if your mental) or there are several programs available free to download, i used microsoft expression web as there are several good step by step tutorials on youtube for that program.

but whatever, if you want to hire some one, step out to where the web designers hang out. you’ll definatly get a better idea of what things cost by talking to the guys that do it for a living

Thank you @sdfgeoff and @Small Troll

i worked nearly two months for the money so i dont think that i will make my own site but thanks for the detailed description :wink: i try to see what i can find in other forums but i already searched and everytime it isnt what i want. I guess i have to look for nearby companies maybe they can tell me their prices but i will guarantee this like their lunch money or so XD

yeah, having had a quick browse around for prices, for the money your offering, a web design company would offer you the most basic of basic website. and by “site” i mean a home page with an about me section! all things considered, i think i have probably saved myself around $30,000 by doing it myself!! i think your best option if you dont want to code your own is to use a wordpress template. there are thousands of them, designed for different purposes, blog/store/ portfolio, whatever and they are free so you can use the money you have saved for hosting and promoting your site.
buy a domain name for the next 5 years and a 5 year hosting package, then all you need to do is install wordpress on the host and choose a design template, then you’ll have around $2000 left to buy seo tools and run adwords and social media campaigns, and hopefully build a following before the money runs out!

damn man i hope i find a company that will do this for me but if i had to make my own i will follow your advise thx,
I have a domain but it’s a yearly contract costs me about 10 bucks a year.
I will make further research after i ask around and if this is true and they tell me to pay them this amount of money i will seriously smack… nevermind thx for your research but most of the work they do is making designs and “DESIGNER” want money for that but i have my own nearly finished do you know something about that?

if you have a design in mind already, then it is a simple matter of applying that design to a template. most of the wordpress sites allow you to tweak the code, but you’ll find no doubt that there will be something that you simply need to add your own images and change the layout a little bit. it all really comes down to how complex your design is. do you have some layouts to show?

It seems blogger could handle what you’ve mentioned in your post, it’s free.

I wouldn’t pay $2500 for a website, you can learn HTML, CSS and Javascript from W3Schools or similar website, also, some hosting services seem to offer a website creation tool of some sort so you don’t even have to learn programming.

Start there.

thx sundialsvc4 for your link but the problem with these do-it-yourself kits is that you are very limited. If you want a Personal website for who you are or your work you’ve done in the past and want to inform people… sure that would be possible with these kits.

Mine is simply one page but has complicated shit on the site and i can’t code this is how it should look like and mybe you guys can tell me if this is hard to programm

not finished not polished just everything thrown together (pls no hate :frowning: i am no pro webdesginer)

Update: I searched and found some sites and it seems that they will do it for 1500€-2000€ keep in mind without the blog and the forum :frowning: ohh boy I hope I have enough money

ok, so i’m seeing a model purchasing site? the grey are thumbnails then titles, short description then what? a time limit? how long the model has been available? and the blue bar? what is that for?
then you have a slider with what? your latest releases i presume, well it is a nice looking site, very clean and up to date. design wise it would be very easy to achieve. implementing it is another thing entirely. it would be very simple to direct the download through a payment cart, but i am uncertain what the blue bars are or the reason for the timer. then there is the login, thats all server side stuff which means going into PHP and ajax (probably) data bases and ssl security.
do you even need a login. i’m not sure that i would want to register just to buy one guys stuff. browse, buy, bookmark and move on. also facebook buttons are a complete b*tch to implement you need to know something of OS graphs or some such nonsense. and they don’t make it easy to customise the buttons. unless they link directly to your social media page which is a bad idea.

over all i would say its not hard if you can ditch the need for a login system but it is likely that you would need to use a bit of javascript for the timers (cos what do they do other than count? delete the file when it hits 0?)most of the rest of the site is easy, though it may take a bit of figuring and a few lessons on coding.

the blog you can just wordpress onto a subdomain without affecting any code that you had to pay for. do you really need a forum? there are forum hosts out there that you can register to, you just need to then customise it to fit your sceme and just make cross links in your header. you don’t really know what your traffic will be like so consider is the expense of self hosting a forum worth it?

@Small Troll
thanks for taking time and thinking about my project the blue bar is just to see how long till the promotion is over. For the forum part i need one to get suggestions for the front page i want it be like people are voting in the forum. the ones with the most votes gets on the front page for a period of time, because of that we need a timeline so people know how long they have till the promotion is over. Dont think i do something shady its a for a charity site so people can actually vote for their options. when the timer is at 0 the promotions will be greyed out and i will take it out but if there is demand and people want to donate their money over the timelimit i will put it back in.

if you dont mind how does that sound? i put alot of effort in it and my only income will be probably donations from the users and through advertising and thats ok with me i am yound no kids and i live with my family so i dont have alot of outgoings

ps. there is a creation form in germany where you have to stand for it with your name like F3R0 e.K. just with your real name and if you try to do some illegal shit everyone will know your name and what you did lol i hope this is reason enough to trust someone

oh well the timer is just a simple javascript, that you can find on almost any javascript tutorial/forum website and the progeress bar can be hooked up to that simply enough. not by me i hasten to add i have no real clue about javascript, but i have seen tutorials on exactly what your asking during the course of my own build. as for the forum i would strongly advise an external host that you can link to rather than having it part of your site, as should it become popular it would eventually over run your personal band width for your main site and your hosting company will chrge you more for having to deal with that amount of traffic. you would probably end up having to pay to get them to give you a private server. give someone like a look, they are happy to let you grow your forum and they dont charge you anything. so worth a look, or google free forums and see what the competition offers.

Update: without the payment system ( i somehow forgott that in my email ) one company asks for nearly 2000€ i think i will accept.