Website for my project updated

It’s all explained on the site itself :

There’s a few new images in the gallery too, so take a look !

(Hal’s voice may get annoying I know, but I like it)

Very nice. Both your samples and the website are well done. Are you going to market the finished work commercially?

Honestly… hal’s voice annoyed me so that I didn’t even get beyond your beautiful front page… maybe I’m just easily annoyed, but :::brrr::: audio on web pages…

akator : Thank you. Asking if I will market it is a flattering question, but I don’t see it being anywhere near good enough for that.

macouno : Speakers these days are quite sophisticated. Look carefully and should find something called a “volume control”…turn it all the way down ! :smiley:

Rhysy 2, the best suggestion I give every web designer is to ADD A OFF BUTTON IF YOU INSIST ON HAVING SOUND! i am a web designer, and am going to be going to college to get a degree in web design. add a off button, or people will leave.

Awww, poor old HAL…well, I don’t insist on sound, so he’s ditched. Also the popup windows have gone, which makes navigation much easier.