website/forum c&c needed

not sure if i should put it in the wip forum, but here it is:

agrif (a member who doesnt post much here) and i are working on a redwall forum, a forum dedicated to the book series redwall, by brian jacques.

agrif is no ametuer when it comes to programming, or photoshop :wink:

i lead concept and design. this is the first time it is released in the public, so enjoy.

feel free to register and post, but i am not trying to advertise the forum


I am not in any way a “former member”. I just don’t post too much…

Yeah. The redwall community basically didn’t have a good forum. So we’re trying to fill that niche.

The theme is still evolving, but I think the header, border, and navbar are here to stay.


with all the ppl that seemed to care…

new textures were added, and buttons are being designed.

Redwall! I loved Redwall when I was six. I thought they were the best thing ever. I remember one time I got every book that was currently out and read them all in a week (I think there were nine or so at the time) for my 1st grade book report. I had a ball. Glad to see you’re having fun with it too.

i added a few forums, and dif. textures…

oh, and thanks to whoever signed up as stonesour and spammed the off topic section

enjoy your time being banned

My brother did it. :frowning: I registered too, could you un-ban the IP but still ban the name please so I can log in? I was looking forward to posting, but too bad I let my brother go first. %|

ok, no problem…it is done


Dumb brother… :<

Well, I don’t blame him. He never gets much fun.

EDIT: I see you deleted the post…

i sent it to the cellar, the forum for spam


What’s the point? Users aren’t allowed to view it. Can you make it visible to users, but not let users post on it?

of course i can, but im not sure if i should…i will think about it

I personally like seeing spam. I think is’s funny.

Also, could you make avatar size 80x80?

Allthough I didn’t know anything about those books untill you mentioned it, I took the time to go and have a look at the forum and I could say that I like the design and the work that you guys have done over there…

Nice job…

i loved those books, read every single one of them, most at least twice.
very slow server.