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See The Little Box By The Link?
Is There A Way To Make These Popup On My Site When You Move The Mouse Over The Link?
or any links on that page?

If This Is Not In The Right Forum Please Move It.
Thank You.

have a look around ,i havent looked at all of their examples in depth, but they might have something like that in there somewhere.

if not then do a google search. if this were to be done, i would say javascript would be used to get the job done, so a search for something like “javascript tooltips” or something along those lines might yield good results.

good luck.

i’ve been looking around but havent found anything so far
and when you post a link you have to put http:// in front of or it dont work.
Thanks For Answering Though

In the <a href=“link”>
add <a href=“link” title=“tool tip”>

try using the title attribute for your links
<a href="#mylink" title=“this is the mouseover text”>my link</a>

edit: lukus beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Damn right! lol

not exactly what i was trying for but it’ll work good enough

Try borrowing some of the techniques used in this article,

You might try this as well,

In what way? it does exactly what the image shows?

these could work if you want to make them fancy