website home page

so, i haft to make a website for a coerce asinment, it will be a gallery/ portfolio of my 3d work, and a description of me. this is what ive cume up with for the homepage.

face will link to about me
monitor will link to gallery
pc may link to a description of foss, but i may combine that with the about me section.


links blend in to mutch
writing may be too bright, draws atention away from the links


Don’t take this ciriticism the wrong way.
Your concept is no good for a website that is suppose to show your portfolio. No offense.
First thing you need to make clear for yourself is who is going to look at this website? What is the intended audience? The normal audience for a portfolio are people that are going to hire you (even if this is just an assignement you should look at it this way :slight_smile: )
They tend to have no time and you want to show them the best as fast as possible.
Second don’t use a map like that. It is unclear for the visitor where to go look for stuff. The pics have meaning for you but how does the user know what you mean? Use text since it is a universally used abstraction and makes things clear + it adds the benefit of a fast loading page.
If you want to show 3D Work on the homepage add some sort of preview banner that shows some of your stuff in a thumbnail view.
Do not load huge graphics whithout the user knowing. This basically means you should link to graphics and say beforhand that the link will lead to a big image. People with low bandwith will thank you for it since they can choose themself if they want to wait for the image to load or simply go on.
TO make your page easy to use and an enjoyment try to come up with a navigation that lets the user reach the intended content with no more then 3 clicks.
I won’t go on cause the above will keep you busy for a while. Just one last tip go around the internet and look at other portfolio sites. See what you like about them and what makes them good and try to copy that.

The images are great, but I definitely see Musk’s point. Web sites need clear navigation. Users need to know exactly where to find the information they’re looking for.

Also, the “D” in “3D” looks more like a zero. It looks like it says “30.”

Cool models though.

i know that big images in the web are bad, but this is unlickly to get onto the web, so it dusent matter. the tutor is teaching in a verry image based mannor, so i wouldn’t be surprised if the whole class was using huge images. my furst concept would have been even more obscure on the navigation side

the tutors there are verry set on “max is best”, this is also a statement “blender is as good, if not better”

IMO, brighten up the background and keep other things in uniform colour. Dark gray and multiple colours do not look good together.

finished version.

the background is not that dark, the color’s are meant to be bright.
i think ive solved the problems with the links blending in


this is what it looks like with the top bar, it is supost to look like brushed aluminum, but isn’t quite right yet.
i also think that it is too big, but im not sure?:spin: