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Does anybody (Im sure they do) know of a good FREE web provider with an easy set-up where I can post my images. I would code the HTML my self but I am too lazy, so It needs like a page building client. I just want to use it to post images, since the images from my normal site (geocities) wont load in the forums.

Wow. That IS lazy! :wink:

Here is the code so you can cut and paste, which will eliminate your page building client requirement.

<title>My Lazy Image Page</title>




Don’t know of any good free web hosts myself. Sorry.

“Free” and “good” normally don’t go together in the world of hosting.

Im still too lazy, I need it where you click on the image and you see that image by itself.

If you ask them nicely the people at may give you some space.

i use
and it works fine for hosting my pictures, and it can link the pictures

similar idea here, my isp (earthlink) has some space for customers without limits

so, I use that to link to my images
(netscape allows linking to images as well but I find their upload thing very annoying)

image link code:

<a href=>link text here</a>

Definitely. If you do find a webhost that’s too good to be true, it probably is. It’s pretty much guaranteed that it will disappear suddenly and with absolutely no warning within a few months. (It’s happened to me at least 4 times.)

Like what z3r0 d said, check if your ISP offers free webspace with your internet service. That’s also how I host my stuff.

I was just thinking, for those with a little spendier taste - I once used I don’t remember having any problems and I think there cheapest account starts at like $3.95/month. Of course, I don’t think they have the “lazy” feature you requested.

Use The search Luke

Thanks for suggestions. Ill continue to look around.

i use which allows 200mb space and UNLIMITED traffic for free. the only downside is that you cant directly link pictures (but you can easily make a html file in word with a picture and Save As > Html file, a lazy method as you requested :wink: )

i don’t know if multimania is cutting hotlink maybe you could try.