Website Interface

Hey all,

So my dad wants to start a business doing what he does best, cutting gem stones, and he wanted me to build him a website and reasearch how to accept credit cards over the net (paypal) etc…

I came up with this, I’ve already got this image cut up and pasted into html frames so its dynamic, and all the graphics, other than the photos of the acctual gemstones, are all made in blender. Whaddayathink?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hey man, that’sot bad! Maybe a little too fancy. Tone it down a bit , IMO. Other than that, it’s great.


Along the lines of what BgDM said, I think that you might want to tone the colors down just a tad. It’s looking a little bit Arabian almost. Like something out of Aladdin’s Lamp. If you turn the colors down just a little bit, especially on the background of the interface, I think that might look good.

Aside from that, it looks great!

yes like alladin as stated before but if that’s what your looking for great. one thing on your menu though. the ziggin of the white and purple makes your text hard to read in spots. this should be cleared up a bit.

If you’re aiming for professional looking… you must reduce the usage of pictures/images… many people complained that the website has too many of images. You should keep it simple, but yet be creativy. That’s the best suggestion I can offer. Good luck!