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2mb avi of an animation. I also did an animated gif of it to repeat.

Nothing terribly complex - I’m still very noobish. :slight_smile:

It’s quite good actually. I could see that one on Television, as long as you’d tweak the material for the globe to something less plastic.

Ah… good idea that.

I’ve also added a little bit of “bounce back” when it comes to a stop. :slight_smile:

I tried to do a cloud layer on a sphere just a little bigger than the “earth” sphere, but it basically looked like crap. :slight_smile: The guy who wanted me to do it and I agreed that if we really want clouds we can just paint them onto the textue. No real need for “real” 3d clouds.

I suppose adding atmosphere/clouds would more or less be like adding clouds. And I’ve seen a couple of incredibly good cloud topics here. You should be able to find something useful if you try to search these forums.