Website: Lots of Robots

Lots of Robots. New video has been added.

I’ve been wating for an update for a while (just like Rustboy).


i tried watching but sound error mes saying need software but not on quick time server

Wow! Awesome work. I loved it.

Now, is this your work ec2, or are you plugging someone else?


Plugging someone else. It’s not my site. I wish!

OK. Just clarifying it.



is this made with Blender? amazing work I’d say :o

Nope, all done in Max.

Very impressive, a really great style you have infused throughout the piece.

Just so it is clear , this is not my work! Please take a good look at the site.

It is the work of Andy Murdock (link loads page outside of the site’s frameset).

great work ec2 - hehe, just kidding
thanks for tipping us to a new episode of LOR. Hmmm, maybe I should buy the DVD.

Nope, all done in Max.[/quote]

Awwww :frowning:

Yeah, shame it wasn’t more blender specific, but on the upside, it is a terrific example of what can be done with 3D. For those interested in what is out there, visit this site: This is where I for LoR. As well as other great projects like Delgo; Robota; Theme Planet… etc. It is really inspiring stuff.