Website proposal for blender tutorials etc. Suggestions?

Hi everyone, For quite a long time I have wondered if the blender community would use another website to support learning as well as several other things. I’m not convinced yet however, so I think its best to ask the community rather than make my own assumptions.

I currently have some spare time on my hands and would consider developing this if there are others who agree that this could be useful.
The primary service I would like to start with is a universal tutorial directory.

The idea here would be users who have uploaded a tutorial to any video sharing service, could create a page which embeds this video, the website could then be used to search all these indexed tutorials via user submitted tags and other details such as a perceived ‘skill rating’ etc. PDF/HTML tutorials could be listed also, with a simple link through o the site. All tutorials would be commentable and rateable within the website, so when a search is performed, good tutorials float to the top. Personally I like the idea of this, A one stop shop to to find tutorial for a certain topic, which still allows users to host them wherever they like and link to their site to generate further interest.

A number of fields would be supplied by the contributor (and therefore could be used as filters): Blender version
Text/Video Skill rating
Time to complete etc.

To ensure contributors were getting something out of this, fields would be supplied for them to link users to their own website etc. Further sugesstions are welcome. Blender has an amazing community of users and contributors, I would love to see all the work people put into tutorials they upload onto their blogs etc getting further exposure and better cataloguing.

Anyway, I have several other feature areas I would consider developing in the first few months, but this post will get too long. Please share your thoughts as to whether you think this would be useful, and I would be happy to elaborate some more ideas I have been considering. Thanks in advance for your thoughts

I think it would be awesome, especially if you could search by different categories and sub-categories. eg: particles and simulations, simulations, smoke sim, explosion tutorial. Also the difficulty rating and user rating would be great. I would not mind contributing to some myself if you do this. What does everyone else think?

Yea this could be a great idea. The problem is that using google and YouTube, you can already easily find tutorials on exactly what you need. If you were to develop a site that holds all the tutorials together, I think it would need to do something a bit different, or new. I know that sounds quite typical saying that it should do something new and not giving any ideas, but I just think that I would not change my current way of getting google to search for tutorials. And sometimes it gives you quite obscure tutorials that have been lost in the depths of the Internet, but turn out to be really useful.

I am sorry that I just gave a cliche reply of “make it do something new and shiny” without giving any ideas, but I will have a think for ideas that you might take into account.

But yea I think this could be pretty sweet, and as Jonathan said, user and difficulty ratings are essential.

I love this idea! I really don’t think it needs more “specialness” than the things you mentioned. I would continue to use Google for finding relevant info, yes, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t visit your site on a regular basis.
I think the possibility to make tutorials “only on youtube”, but still be seen on a dedicated site with lots of visitors, would encourage even more tutorial production than today.
And it could give extra traffic to good dedicated sites that don’t get lots of visitors because they aren’t 'cookie or 'guru.

I think it’s a very hard web product to get right, though. I mean, it wouldn’t take much wonkyness for me not to use it or visit it.

Thanks for the quick feedback everyone.

Jonathan L
Subcategories would be a good idea, I will have a further think about how this might work.


I agree with your thoughts to an extent, which is why I’m still not convinced its worth the effort. However, I think there is some serious value you can add by having user ratings on the tutorials, as well as other indexing such as what version it was written/recorded for.

All of these fields would be mandatory so that they are comparable, as I think for new user particularly, it can be difficult to identify which versions people have recorded guides for, as well as assessing the difficulty level before previewing.

If this does work, I would continue to develop some other ideas I have as well.

Yes I think you have summed up what I am getting at, I want people who are capable of creating and posting a youtube video to not have to worry about also running a small blog etc. if web development/management does not interest them.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll continue mulling this one over. Further comment welcome.

Well I have decided to at the least proof of concept this, I imagine if things go ok in a while I might like some feedback of a demo site. If anyone would like to help with this, reply to this thread or send me a PM. I liked Johnathan’s subcategories idea, I dont suppose anyone feels confident enough to map most of the key sections of blender out plus its subsections?!