Website review

Hi there, I dont know if is is appropriate to post this here, so please feel free to move it if need be. I’m working on putting together a small studio, and am near completion on our website. Still a few spelling errors and some code I want to cleanup/add, but let me know what you guys think. I know this is not a website review forum, but our main app of choice is blender!

Awesome website. If I were you, I would remove the words “Dolla bill ya’ll” from the pricing section. Sounds very unprofessional. You might consider adding a gallery in the modeling and animation sections (might use 3DNP for the modeling gallery, so the viewer can rotate the models to their liking.

Thanks for the crits, I was second guessing myself on the Dolla phrase as well. I wanted to tone it down and be a little informal, but in the end it does more harm than good.

Thanks for the heads up on the 3DNP…would be very useful for showing off some wireframes.

Very professional, I also think you should remove “Dollar bill y’all!”
Otherwise, very refined and clean.

-I think that you should seperate web hosting and cg services as seperate entities.

-You might want to remove your hourly rate unless you are a freelancer. It is good to give clients some rough ideas about what your charge might be. But just giving your hourly rate as the only viable option might not be that attractive. And to be honest, putting a number does not sound that professional to me. What you want is to give as many options as possible to possible customers. In the end a business is a business when both side benefits. Now your hourly rate is not high or something, I would say you are giving a low rate either but again giving low rate is not a good idea as well :slight_smile: When something is cheap people wont care about the outcome. On the other hand if you are not experienced enough you cannot ask for more, that would be bad business on your side. You might make good money one time, but in the long run that would be bad reputation. You might want to increase is steadily (by the experience and by the number of projects you have worked on)

-Never ever start a business relationship from the lowest price. Prices never go up they only go down. What you should shoot for is to have the highest bid for your first project with a possible client. Next time they will ask you to do cheaper because.

-Never start from a very high number and end up at 70%(or less) of your bids. Negotiation is a good tool, it gives space to both sides. However starting very high and ending up way lower than your original price means that you are a goofball and and very hungry. You do not want to look like you are ready for working for very cheap and ripping people off. Again that is bad business.

-If you work very hard to please your clients, if you are an honest worker, you should get your fair payment. Do not let clients to rip you off either. Give them good prices and deals but do not let them rip you off. If you let them ripp you off, that means you have no respect for yourself. If you just want experience and couple projects on your resume, either do them free or find projects that can benefit non profit organizations. I personally prefer to do it for free instead of working for way lower than what I would like for the job.

I hope you would not mind me giving you some extra insight about this stuff. I tried to give a good list of experience based suggestions. They sound too business oriented but if you can make use of them you will have an easier life :slight_smile:

-I dont much like the paragraph text. It seems a bit rough.
-I dont like pricing + contact info being in another font
-white links in lightgrey text are very hard to spot
-The 3d-modeling etc. images on the left seem a bit hasty. The concept is ok but the renders could be improved. Also there are aliasing issues.
-aliasing issues all over the site
-changing to a smaller font causes an issue for me (at least in firefox), with the “main page” or body jumping down under the left menu
-Ive got mixed feelings for the left menu. Is it necessary?
-The promotional banner and the body is not perfectly lined up.

-Have you got any gallery to show? animations, web designs? As a customer i think i’d like to see those.
-The page seems a little… flat. Maybe a soft shadow from the black onto the grey background would add some depth?
-I think a soft blend on the navigation bar would also look good

That said, its solid work. The banner is very professional, though i’d like to see texts on all images.


ps. After writing this, i made a mockup of my thoughts. Seems ive got too much time on my hands.