Website up (and tuhopuu2 compile)

OK, Got my website up and functioning. We are running on XHTML 1.0 strict, totally valid.

I’ll add my DRAW stuff later.

The menu won’t look right in IE, it makes a strange.

DittoBox. My new website, and possibly, my new name.

Tuhopuu2 binary compiled this morning from a cvs checkout about 20 hours ago is in the downloads section.

No one cares…107 views and no one has the heart to say it sucks?


…I think its because your mama is a political (insert insult)… ;):wink:
Nice site, is clean, loads quickly and has a cool gallery (and tutorial)

It far from sucks. I love the design :slight_smile: I like the simplicity of it.

man it totaly sucks
the type design sucks
the interface sucks
the graphics sucks
all sucks
this sucks
what a suck

just kidding you just asked for the sucks comment but huh
the website cannot be loaded.


Thanks guys!

It seems to load just fine for me.

Yeah its true. It cannot be loaded.

reblended must be down.

that pisses me off. I guess I’ll have to wait to upload my new fur creation tutorial…it’s a cheap and dirty way, but it works.

:frowning: Didn’t load for me either, well I hope it’s online soon to check. :smiley:

It’s lean and mean. Really loads fast. Looking at the tutorial as I type.