Website update and new screens

I’ve finally updated my website with some new screens of my demo. Now that I have a job and internet access I hope to be doing more regular updates. Take care!


Ahhh! I don’t remember the link to your website!!!

Ahhhh… Heh… Here’s the link. By the way Saluk, I haven’t posted anything that you haven’t seen yet.

man! where you find all those textures? the screens look so good! damn,lots of good games coming up! :smiley:

TorQ really good textures, Made with gimp or photoshop? When do you release the game?? :smiley:

Sweet! I was wondering what happened to HeDLoK. I think most of the textures were gotten from Quake ( i don’t know though) and you can get to that site at this address:

I can’t wait for the game! That character on the front page looks awesome! Is this goign to be a commercial game?


Pooba, thanks for the complement, I did create all the textures for the demo from scratch myself. I think that all of the textures were done in Photoshop but when I move over to linux I will be using the GIMP exclusively. I am also developing techniques to use Blender’s 3D paint tools to their fullest.

I also just added a new sketchbook section to my website with two recent images and hopefully I will be adding more everyday.


very cool screens. I am new to the game engine but not to blender. I currently use another game creation tool but if I can create games of this caliber, Im dropping the other. Where can i get info on using the realtime engine? Also I noticed no drop shadow on the character, is this intentional or does blender not support dynamic shadows for the realtime engine? Just curious, thanks

Thanks. What game tools have you been using? I’ve messed with a bunch and I make games professionally and Blender is the coolest way to make games. Being able to edit your game and then play it automatically is amazing! This forum is where I have found all of my info for game Blender there are some really talented people here that are willing to offer their help.

On the screenshots, you mention no shadow, I’m wondering which screen you’re talking about? Blender doesn’t have real shadows but you can have a shadow object that always stays on the ground under the character and that is what I did for my demo… Good luck with Blender and remember to set resonable goals for yourself. Making games takes a lot of time and patience so don’t underestimate that!


You may have looked at the webpage in my profile which is the old one (how do I change my profile? anybody?) Make sure you try the newest one here:


very, very cool, I’ll be checking back often :smiley:

Nope, no realtime shadow calculations. You can do a shadow thing like they do in mario 64 with just a little plane with a shadow texture and then go to the paint buttons and make the face “shadow”


Extremely impressive TorQ. Like the character on the front page :smiley:

I like how the game is looking :wink: