Well, finally got some time to star a new website.

Still WIP and will be adding stuff in the next couple of days.

Take a look at let me know if it looks OK to you all.



I should have my server running in a month or so, just remind me by then and I’ll lend you some space.

The pop ups really irks me. Like the grey design though, and the buny skull head is nice.


well, i got a nice norton anti virus alert :< .

mifune: From what? I have Norton running and I don’t get an alert. Doesn’t look like theeth got one either.

Shouldn’t be any problems with tripod.

Any one else get this problem?


Actually, I just got one when going back to the page. I didn’t get any pop up ad at first either, so my guess is the alert comes from “harmful” code in the pop up.


well, at least i know norton works.

Umm what browser are you using, all I get is a grey background with a bit of text; its not supposto be like that is it? I mean no layout or anything just a plain and simple 5 year old web page design? (btw I’m using firefox) If it really is like what i’m seeing it needs some serious work and even if you can’t code anything atleast get a layout somewhere off the web.
I do give you a pat on the back for making a web-site though I never can get around to actually finishing one but I’m thinking I’ll do it soon.

Ah, including your new logo.

It does work in Internet Explorer (without virus warnings - McAfee) but not in Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3 - the menues are missing. Which application do you use to build the website? The code looks way too fat - there are so many copies of the <span style> tags - that’s not what they are made for ;).

Cool Gallery - Sebulba is really great.

Strategoi: Well, sorry, but I am no coder, and I don’t need a super duper website. THis works for me and is simple and does what I need it to do.

thoro: All I have access to is MS Publisher, (insert “oh I feel so sorry for you”, “man that is the biggest piece of s&#t” comments here :wink: ). So yeah, it probably is a little fat. But again, it does the job that I need it to do.

Thanks for the comments guys.


Ok. Publisher, FrontPage… yup. Exactly as you describe above. But no I don’t feel sorry for you. There are decent free editors out there. Shoot, even Notepad won’t give you all that ugly MS-only code that Publisher vomits out. I don’t have anything against WYSIWYG, but with Publisher - the WYG is crap.

If you are going to have a website, but don’t know html - take 30 minutes and learn it here > It will be so much better.

BTW - Your logo / avatar is awesome. Seriously, I mean not everbody can have one as good as mine - but yours is right up there. It reminds me of Patrick Boyer’s mickey mouse looking skull & crossbones. Similar concept I guess.



OK, I’m taking it down for now. Sorry for the hassle all. I have never had this problem before.


You should try . You get a free subdomain that works nicely, and for people who don’t know html, there are good creation tools. You can also upload your own html site.

In my opinion, you should learn html and css. Its not too hard and it’s definitely worth it. Web pages are so much better when built from scratch and hand coded out. Here is one I made for a school project:

I even got the favicon on there!

If it doesn’t show up when you click on it, that means that my computer is off, because I am hosting it on my machine using Apple’s built in apache support, which is very easy to use, and I even have PHP installed.