websitegrafics in Blender

(Krabat) #1

hoi everybody,

reconstructed my website recently, using Blender to design and model the navigationbar as well as all other grafics. a small Blender gallery (well, yes, very small, have only uploaded 1 image until now g) is to be found in the projects section.


take a look:

(S68) #2

Nice design!

I would like to let you know, anyway, that your site is wievable only with IE, my Netscape shows a completely screwed up page…


(Krabat) #3

yeah, you’re right, sorry. i just looked at it with opera… it sure differs. :-?
i guess because of css. unfortunaltly my html knowledge is a little bit… little? haven’t yet found out if there is a solution if you build the site with netobjects fusion. if someone knows…


(shibbydude) #4

This code: <DIV id=“LayoutLYR” ></LAYER></DIV> | and everything in between will throw any browser other than the one it is designed for way off. Just use Netobjects to design the navbar and then edit pure HTML and javascript in the right frame. A great resource which taught me everything I know is It is run by a great guy who is very knowledgable and will answer any of your questions like “how do I do this?”.

(Krabat) #5

thx, shibbydude!
i’ll be back to work then…


(Krabat) #6

thanks to swish it now hopefully works, uh, if you see some kind of circles piling up at the top of the window, just ignore them… script failure… not my fault this time…


(dreamsgate) #7

I have netscape, and it works fine now. Looks good.

(Free Mars) #8

I liked the menu design on the left of your page. I was thinking a site with dinosaurs would be cool if it had the same basic concept but with teeth or claws.

(Krabat) #9

well, in fact, the pointy thing on the left is a kind of dinosaur g, or at least half of an extinct animal: a trilobite