(CubeFan973) #1

With so much stuff around here surrounding websites for users, I was wondering if any of you know where a good free host is. NOT Freeservers or Geocities!

(dreamsgate) #2

email acasto he is hosting for some of us.

[email protected]

(Jolly Gnome) #3

I use Brinkster (, it has (IIRC) 30 mb space and no ads on the site… has somesort of searchable database of the free web hosters, and has info on quite many services.

You really, REALLY should see what people has written about the services, from the review section… you can access it from the search results page too. That seems to be really good.

(CubeFan973) #4
  1. Do all the websites have to be Blender related or can we add in stuff on things like movies?

  2. Where does Acasto get his hosting, and is it free?

I tried searching, but the three with over 125 mb have bad reviews! I’m not sure about Brinkster; is it restrained to one thing, or can you expand?

(acasto) #5

Hey cubefan, for my hosting, I have a webserver from my old hosting company I had a year ago. It went under so I keep the server up for a couple of my clients. I would like things to be blender related, but general is ok since blender isn’t doing much right now.

I’m currently looking into options for my server. I am paying $173/month for it and making about $50/month off of it, so I have a little expense that isn’t going anywhere. Since I’m working for the company now ( ) that it is hosted with, I’m talking to them about some ideas. One is since I am only using about 10-15% of my servers space right now, I’ll host our companies intranet and get the server for free, or at least a good discount. Another option I’m looking at, is perhaps offering many free 50Mb sites like I’m doing now, then have cheap ‘options’. Such as maybe provide the raw server logs for $1/month or processed stats for $2.50/month (I had origionally planned on giving them away for free, but I don’t have much time for any maitenance and log tending anymore). Or maybe since the sites must be personal and not business now, allowing people to sell things off their site for a small fee per month. I have also considered setting up some type of central store, in which people could sell their work or products through the central stroe for a small percentage (I think I’ve seen a couple other sites which do this).

If anyone has some ideas, please let me know. I really want to keep the sites up but need to try and offset the cost somehow. I’m still working on finishing the Iptic site, but I have about six projects I’m working on for the company at the same time right now.

(joecool) #6

oh wow. That sounds awesome! I think you should start charging some. Of course, if you want me to go for free, I can’t MAKE you charge me… :stuck_out_tongue:
No really, that’s a great idea. And for some money like, offer more space. I, for one, would be willing to spend a couple bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:
Good Luck man,

(acasto) #7

I would like the basic spaces themsleves to remain free. And any charges that I would have, would be optional and small. Such as offer more space for a couple bucks a month. I think that by having more people at a few bucks would be fine to offset the price. I’ll set up the options so that you don’t need them, but you can create a nice custom ‘package’ to fit your specific needs for a very cheap cost.

(joecool) #8

yeah, that’s what I meant. The basic packages be free, but additional stuff, of course, wouldn’t. That would be great.