Hi folks
I am right now working on a video for my school. Completely made in Blender,
so I thought of informing you about it in work in progress, but the matter is that it consumes more than 300 MB, though it is not finished yet. Where can I get free webspace for the project and could anyone of you offer me a little of you webspaces?



It seems as like you would want to upload it uncompressed :o/. Bad idea, you should look for a way to compress it. Go looking for stuff like avi2divx or something in that direction. I don’t know of any URLs I could give you to start search, but you might want to have a look at http://freshmeat.net/ .


I have 50MB spaces at Iptic, but a single file of the size you specify would cause some serious bandwidth problems due to the constant uploads after progress in creation, and constant downloads from viewers. Unless this was individually capped down it would probably affect others bandwidth due to the length of time and continuous demand of throughput, but then if it was capped down, it would take forever.

Is it divided up into individual parts before a final processing? Clips and smaller, better compressed sections would be much more suited for the web than a single humongous file.

Hey - I could actually give you another hint on how to deal with this. I’m currently downloading complete Debian GNU/Linux ISO images (~680MB each) - but not in one piece. There’s a tool (I think it is also available for Windows - well, experimental), that not only lets you split up big stuff into smaller files, but can actually even combine single files (here: the Debian packages) into a filesystem (here: the ISO image) using templates that contains the rest (here: administrative stuff of the ISO filesystem structure). Stop ranting - look here for details:


Acasto asked:

Is it divided up into individual parts before a final processing?

Yes it is divided up at present every Scene is a clip of its own or divided into two parts.
Mainly their size range about 0.5 to 3.5 MB, but there are some files which have a size about 25(!) MB. :frowning:

xitnalta said

…you should look for a way to compress it…

Well I have compressed it all into Avi MJPG version 2(the format you get when you select “avi jpg” in Blender).
I don’t know any more efficient format, if someone knows one it would make me happy

I’ve found that even a simple mpeg {there’s a free “as in beer” version available} compression is smaller than avi jpg as well as more likely to play on all computers… DivX is a popular compression tool that makes the files very small but also requires users to download a player to view the movie. Same goes for Bink.

Note that I’m no video compression expert… there are many options out there for compression, these are just a few I’ve used/seen. Choose wisely… make sure that you compress yur movie in a format that’s reasonably cross-platform and stuff.

If you are using linux then check out: http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net/ they have a really goot howto as well https://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=3456&group_id=5776
additionally for linux you may want to check out http://heroinewarrior.com/index.php3
I just finished installing the Beta 2 release of Cinelerra and it rocks.
Good Luck