Wedding-paper cover

(system) #1

just a cover for a wedding-paper (“Hochzeitszeitung” here in germany).
I removed the picture in the pictureframe (don’t know if they are happy to be in the internet :slight_smile: ). In the upper right corner there will be some text. The rings say “Wir haben uns getraut” (we are married).

99% done in blender (zblur plugin). 1% in photoshop (make it b/w and a bit brighter).


(SKPjason) #2

Hey… I really like this design.

The blur effects, the absence of color, the contrast in shading… a very striking image.

Compositionally, I like the way in which you framed these elements. It adds a lot of depth and emotion to the picture.

Very good job. The rings are beautiful. Together with the elements in the picture it tells a story of wonderful love. Very uplifting and positive.

Good Job!

:smiley: Jason