Week 5 Challenge Preview

Here is a preview of my work for the weekend challenge for this week.

THis will be the only view you get, for now. :wink:

I will finish tomorrow or Sunday and post final.


http://bgdm0.tripod.com/challenge_5_1.jpg (cut & paste)

[/edit] Sorry, forgot to give some info. This is a ledge within a big pit. The bottom of the pit is emitting a gas, (hence the particle system with the fire like halo texture), and there is a sort of troll type dude living in the cave thing on the right. So far, this image is all blender. Will do some textures in PS and add later.

Bash it to pieces. :smiley:

sure hand me a hammer :wink: .
Looks a little too dark. Cant see to much detail. Put some glowing eyes or something to make
it seem like their is something in that cave. Right now looks empty and dark, nothing more.
The gas stuff dosnt look right, needs more randomness (more like clouds of smoke) or texturing
maybe right now looks like some freaky nuclear green blobs on the wall. Oh and make the
walls/rock look sharper like rocks instead of molded plastic. Oh and add on textures, improve
the lighting…yada yada yada… on and on…
Time to go bash up some other works with my hammer :smiley:

You call something that dark “a view”?! :wink:

Why do I get the feeling that this week most of the entries are going to be this dimly lit?

…time to get back to work on my mostly black entry…

must of hit the lightbuld lighting that scene with my hammer. :wink:
Time to go even the playing feild. Smash all the competitors light
light sources. He,HE. :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHA Thanks for bashing the hell out of it guys. As I said, there are no textures yet. Will get there today and tomorrow and post my masterpiece.