Week-End Challenge #253 (08/31/07): Alien Life


Made it today for the week-end contest. All Blender except for a bit of grain and a size-down from the high-res picture, which were done in photoshop.

great image

nice material, too much noise i think.
blender internal render??

nice slime ;p

Totally ugly … i.e. I mean beautiful :-).

Simple, but effective entry. I love the slimy feel you’ve obtained! Great!


Cris_2703: Yeah, it’s blender internal. I should probably mention for the benefit of you and everyone else that the noise was a choice, not a glitch.

JiriH: Thanks, then my work here is done.

Migero & The M.h.p.e: Thanks, the slime was fun to make. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure it’s good but… i can’t see any picture :no:

I would really like to see some wireframes of this little guy!

really nice work, could you tell something about the light and render setup ?


Very nice, very nice indeed.

nice material, too much noise i think.

I think it adds a lot, because it looks like high speed film grain, or high speed digital noise.

Right, to the breakdown. Ristesekuloski, he was mostly sculpted, so there’s not a lot that wires will do for you. Still though, it’ll be up with the rest of it. When I did the re-renders, by the way, I left out the fluid, cause it takes way, way too long, what with all the added reflections and refractions. You’ll get the idea though, I’m sure. :]

EDIT: Most of this should be fairly self-explanatory, but feel free to ask questions.



NOTE: In the materials below, I used the bump map for a bit of displacement mapping on the Chitin material (left). This displacement mapping is NOT used in the original render. I just used it here to bring out the texture and what little iridescence there is.

Chitin(left), Underbelly(middle), Tweezers(Right. Thanks to Broken for the glossy/anisotropic reflections patch!)


And on to the compositing nodes, which are probably too big to put here, so I’ll just link to them.


Thanks to all of you for your kind interest, and thanks to God for my hands and mind and what he gave me to enable me to make this.

great render :smiley:
youve got my vote
5stars :spin:

Lovely render, 4 stars.

Nice, looks like something I would find in my basement.

lol, yah. I happen to find mutated cockroach larvae in my basement too.

5 stars here, fantastic work Blackboe(as usual) Very nice shaders, lighting, composition, its all very nice.
Verry Niiiiice :wink:

Keep em comin’

ooo, shiny:eyebrowlift:

Very nice. I love the materials and lighting.

Wow, absoulutely AMAZING render. I cant believe you achieved that look with just blender internal.

Judging from your wireframe screenshots, am I right to assume that you only used Spotlights to illuminate your scene? No area lights?

Absolutely frickin awesome!!

Amazing work