Week End Challenge Christmas Special

For people not actively following the Week End Challenge, I’d just like to point out that this week’s edition is a Christmas Special with a special prize.

Head over to the contest thread for more details.


sounds interesting but if I did one am sure the Yanks, Canadians and European’s of this forum will be like WTF, not many people associate christmas with summer which is exactly what we have here in December. I will try and see if I can give it a go even though it is a summer wonderland (actually more like hell - average of 35 C on a typical day) here.

Typical Christmas themes displaced in a summer setting have been done before, it’s funny, you should go for it.


It’s voting time, so head off to the voting thread and cast your vote.


why do you make this a weekend thing?

i mean christmas begin at the beginning of dec and finish around 15 Jan
why not make it a month 1/2 challenge ?

now is it already finish or can we upload other pic this weekend ?


It wasn’t just a week end, it was a whole week (Wednesday to Wednesday).

Because changing to a Christmas banner on Easter is sort of silly.

It’s already finished.