weekend blender game making competition

Game competition starts this friday when the theme will be announced


you must team up with one other person to create your game but there is a limit of atleast two people and no more then two people per team.

anyone wishing to participate must have a new thread under ‘Works and progress and game demos’ no earler then friday the 13th of April and no later then sunday the 15th of April.

so again just post a new thread under works and progress page just announcing your game or that your particpating.

All games must be completed by midnight on Sunday the 15th or when ever midnight is for anyone in different time zones.

There will be no prizes except for who ever wins will get to decide the theme for the next competition.

You can even sell the game if you want to or do what ever after words, witch i guess you can if you please anyways.

So ya thats about it so again the theme will be announced friday morning on the 13th of April “this friday” and as soon as you get the theme you can start.

Oh and i almost forgot the games will be juged by a simple poll on the this thread.

also i will be participating in the competion as well :smiley:

good Luck and let the best blendererererer win!

sorry for spelling

anyone? up for doing a weekend challenge

I’d be game, but I’m working nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so can’t commit the time. Sorry :frowning:

ok well thanks anyway!

I am here :eyebrowlift2:

interested. I’d like to give it a shot if a got the time.

I’m in - on certain conditions! :yes:
There is a theme so nobody can start early (or we could all be honest?:P). We get notice before it’s announced.
Who will judge? :slight_smile:

Still equipping myself, but I’ll take part anyway…

ok cool! so ill announce the theme this Friday so technically you have three days.

so ill update the main post with the guidlines but ill just put them here first

Anyone wanting to join in on the competition must announce there game or participation no earler then friday and no later then sunday
just create a new thread in works in progress and demos page.

mrn, can you give us a specific time - preferably as early as possible? This way time zones won’t get complicated! I use GMT but I know you don’t. :wink:

so do you mean a early time on friday morning like 7:00?

Yeah that’d be great. What time-zone though? :s

well im in Mountain time but i dont know what that would be for everyone else

Ok, great. I’m six hours ahead so for you 7am and for me it’ll be 1pm. :slight_smile: There is a small chance I won’t be able to participate, but it’s unlikely (painters).

ok cool! since its still a little ways tell the compatition ive decided to make it so that we team up in teams of two. How does that sound?

Too messy for a two/three day competition. Good idea though, but let’s keep it simple. :wink: How many people are participating? I’m 75% sure I am.

your right maybe for like a weak long competition.

so far i think there is 3 people including you.

EDIT: i forgot me also

Did you forget? Ahh what’s the theme??? :o

Thats weird it didn’t post.

EDIT: ok so my internet went out temporarily so when i clicked reply it probably didn’t post so ya sry about that and since i did it so late ill extend the contest till Monday at Midnight. Again sry about that.

Ok so the theme is drum roll is “THE MOUSE” say what???

you can make any type of game you want with only one condition. The only control input you can us is the mouse, no keyboard, joystick or anything else but the left right and middle mouse button, or mouse movement.

Ok, I’m on it. :wink: