Weekend Challenge 110: Wrist watch.

About 6-8 hrs modeling. 10hrs to render front view.

One area lamp, one shadow spot, hdri in Angular map. 2 sub surf levels.

Please click here to view.

Thanks, C&C welcome.


It’s really great, but the blue face is killing me! :smiley:

There’s also a really good Rolex piece in the WIP for this WC. Have a look.

Looks like the wristwatches are going head-to-head.


wow nice no critz at all gj

Looks great Sonix. Great minds do indeed think alike. I had a bit of a computational advantage, it seems, mine only took three or four minutes for each render. I think we’ve made a damn fine pair of watches, my friend.

yes but stupid minds think alike too! :stuck_out_tongue:

no really it too is very nice - can’t believe it took so long to render!

Very nice image apart from the blue face, as said before, but I think the parts going away from the face holding the chain should be a little bent, to fit around the wrist better

Superb work as always Sonix. Your attention to detail and style is exemplary.


Man :o that´s very good!

Incredible details!

Keep on working!


excellent work!

that is beautifull

nice detail