Weekend Challenge? Blending Life? Both.

I have been toying with entering the blending life contest, though realistic texturing is my weakest point(I can model anything :eyebrowlift: ). So this weekend challenge got me going with the self portrait theme. So I whipped out a quick mesh and started texturing, surprised myself as it is looking good! :slight_smile:

Here is the progress from yesterday and today, about 20 hours work (yeah I forgot to sleep last night). Might be all for today too as I feel… the…sleep…coming… zZZZzZZZZZ.


Good start for sure. Granted I don’t have a reference to compare but here’s a few things that sort of caught my attention. The brow has a bit of a “sharp” drop off (it needs to flow into the bridge of the nose). I’m not too certain if it’s just caused by the shadow or if the mesh is either dense or changing that much there. Second spot is the peak on the lips, also a bit “sharp”.

My recommendation (especially if you are using particle hair) is to get the lighting setup as it would be in the the close to finish render as early as possible. The lighting can drastically change the appearence of the hair and you can easily re-spend hours tweaking on the hair material.

Proportions are looking good and the skin texture is also good. I like the details on the lower lip and lower chin and that they appear un-symetrical. I also like the modeling in the neck (muscles & bones).

In my opinion, you should keep pushing this for Blending Life. You’ve got at least 1/3 of the work done (it’s all the little details that make lotta work) and a definite contender for an entry.