Weekend Challenge Entry Posts - and Many Others - Missing / Not Migrated from Old Forum

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The function must have worked in part earlier if it was part of the earlier thread remapping which did obviously succeed in bringing topics / posts over to Discourse.

I’m still wondering if the partial original REGEX match somehow created corresponding Discourse thread IDs which then precluded things like the Entries threads from coming in because it was only matching up to a certain point (i.e. if the thread ID requires the number, dash, and full remaining string).

If that is the case, perhaps the threads which did not make it in could simply be modified (e.g. with an additional character or substring such as “archived”) so they could enter Discourse sans conflict?

I was also thinking, if the function issue is not yet resolved at this point, maybe it could be (if it is open source, or yours and shareable) posted here for further inspection?

Since this issue goes well beyond the WC forum, and that there are so many talented developers in our community in addition to your own expertise, this should be solvable and attract high-priority review from the community given how much information remains at risk of being lost.

Beyond that, thanks again to all those who worked on the migration thus far! It’s well worth the effort!


(RobertT) #27

I spent some time going through the WC forum this morning, and it seems most images/attachments/thumbnails (with the exception of those stored elsewhere online, such as mine) are not appearing.

None of the image attachment links seem to work either.

I thought, at first, it was simply a matter of logging in – that the images would appear after logging in, as is true of other forums – but it does not seem to be that.

I hope part of the plan for saving the Weekend Challenge forum includes preserving those images.

Many people, including myself, created their very first images for (and gained experience and confidence in using Blender through) these challenges, so I consider it to be a rather important part of BlenderArtists’ history - as a community and for all these individuals.

The Weekend Challenge is very much a microcosm of the Blender experience: new artists discovering the software, using it, making progress, sharing ideas and successes, cheering each other on along the way, and generally enjoying all the creative positivities emerging from those activities.

Also, many fine digital works appeared here and only here, in this part of the forum, and a good number of those images were likely not posted anywhere else, so that’s a potentially staggering loss of community content and personal creations.

Honestly, I never imagined the forum migration could result in such a potential loss. At the same time, I imagine accepting a permanent loss of such a magnitude would never be an option, as difficult the problem might be.

The data is still out there, and it’s simply a matter of bringing it here. I say this not as a casual user but as a programmer, OS / DB / network / website admin, and an artist concerned for others who entrusted this forum with their works, which took so many hours to create.

I am very grateful for what has made it over here, so far, and , while I remain deeply concerned about this situation, foremost on behalf of all my fellow Blenderheads, I do look forward to seeing them addressed and resolved in the near future.

Once again, we are rooting for all those involved in the migration. What you have in your hands is more than data: it’s some very precious creations which combine to form a substantial part of Blender’s varied and beautiful tapestry.


(Bart Veldhuizen) #28

Hey @RobertT,

we know, a lot of additional work was in fact put into making sure these topics were transferred over so it was very disappointing to see they were gone. But @pfaffman is looking into it and I’m confident we’ll get them back - could you give us an update, Jay?

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(pfaffman) #29

Hey, Bart. I thought I sent an email about this, sorry if I failed to click send or something.

I’ve re-run the script on my server and it seems to have pulled in those messages. Since you’ve gone live, what we’d do is re-run the script for messages since 2017-01-01 to pull in the most recent and most-missed messages and then re-run it again to pull in any messages from days of yore.

It’s mildly terrifying to do it on your live site, but that’s the least-bad way to go.

I’ll do one more test to make sure we’re all good.


(RobertT) #30

Bless you, Bart! :smiley:

Your efforts, pfaffman’s, and whoever else is involved are so greatly appreciated.

I’m elated to hear pfaffman’s latest tests are looking good.

And I love the new forum!

All the new emoticons are great!

:sunflower: :sun_with_face: :rainbow:

Thanks again for your kindness and attention to all these matters!

:dolphin: RobertT

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(Francisco Charrua) #31

maybe this was already noticed, but it seems like all entries for challenges after challenge 636 were not included.

My first guess would be memory leak or something else causing the migration script to crash.


(Helge) #32

Maybe I just missed it, but are there any news regarding this issue?
I had a look at http://oldsite.blenderartists.org and everything still seems to be present there. The oldsite entry posts seem to be just fine (including images). And the voting threads are visible too, only the image links refer to blenderartists.org instead of oldsite.blenderartists.org, which is why no attached images show up there. So, I guess, nothing has been lost and everything is restorable/migratable. :slight_smile:


Challenge #793 (31/08/18) Entries CLOSED
Challenge #793 (31/08/18) Entries CLOSED
(Bart Veldhuizen) #33

Still working on it, but getting there!


(Helge) #34

Good to know. :slight_smile: Remember the voices saying, a simple migration of the database content would be a piece of cake? Hang in there!

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(Photox) #35

I hope you haven’t stopped working on the old WEC links, they are still dead.

Any updates? Thank you.


(Michael Cabatingan) #36

Hello, I have been asked to annoy the mods by repeatedly bumping this thread until they get tired of it and just fix the problem.

I’m joking!!!

Please o’ gods of blenderartists.org spare me and my brethren, and grant unto us a request: please save the old weekend challenges…

(please do not smite me)


(Helge) #37

I just noticed that the ‘oldsite’ seems to be gone. So far I used it to look into threads which were still missing based on the tip @bartv posted here:

Any news on the missing threads? With the oldsite-option gone, this is starting to feel a little uncomfortable…


(Photox) #38

It’s pretty bad when you don’t even get a response (on a so called high priority thread.)

So what of it @bartv, are you guys going to keep your word and figure out a way to get the art from the old site, as you promised so many people, or are you reneging?


(RobertT) #39

I think I might have found @bartv 's most recent response to this situation in another thread:

I’m really hoping this is not the last word on the matter, because that is a lot of WEC content to have lost, especially as many of us financially supported the transition to help ensure all previous forum content was preserved.

As a programmer, I know there must be a solution which could bring those topics in, even if it’s to remap / relocate those missing posts under a “Weekend Challenge - Archived Content” subsection, which then should leave the current forum intact.

I’m also wondering if all the missing image attachments was possibly due to a miscalculation of actual data to be transferred to the new forum. I’m sure there are many gigabytes in question, and perhaps some kind of underestimation of that data is now considered too formidable to transfer?

Still, there has got to be a way to achieve full transfer and fulfill the promise our community supported.

So much of that art and imagery is what helped make BlenderArtists what it was, before this forum, and the newer forum would only be richer for preserving that vital content, I feel.

Thank you in advance to @bartv for any further consideration and efforts in resolving this issue.

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(RobertT) #40

I was thinking maybe @bartv was away from BA for a while and not reading posts, but I just noticed he has been rather active elsewhere in the forum.

Hopefully this means we’ll be closer to some kind of official response :slight_smile:

I realize he is busy, and I’m grateful for all he does to keep this place going.

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(Photox) #41

It seems that @bartv has plenty of time to do things such as picking favorites for feature row, but has gone dark on old promises. The ridiculous thing is that there is a small army of people here who would be happy to write scripts, reg ex’s, scrapers, etc… or even a bit of old fashioned copy and paste work. But rather than keep commitments, or be honest about progress, or use the community, @bartv has opted to simply ignore all posts and pretend that the issue doesn’t exist.


(Bart Veldhuizen) #42

Yes, you’re right, I need to communicate better on this, my apologies. Here’s a full update on the status:


(Photox) #43

Thank you for the reply @bartv. However your post contains no links or new information, despite implying there was an update. Did you forget a link or something?


(Bart Veldhuizen) #44

Ah, I pasted in the wrong link :man_facepalming: Here’s the right one:


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