weekend challenge entry - "sewer"

hey… now i had enough time for the WC [school is over]. here’s my entry for x-warrior’s great and broad topic sewer.

i used PS a bit to change brightness, reduced colors and add a slight blur.

click me, i’m a thumbnail


Nice work @ndy. :smiley: I really love the atmosphere.

nice work @ndy :smiley:
time for me to drop out of the WC :’(

Great image, @ndy. But that’s the first sewer of its type that i’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn andy, I was about to start modelling my WC entry, but now you ruined it! :<

Great image, btw

Wow. All that I can say is that’s great!!

Nice work.

Nick V

ARg! Stop being better than meeeeeeeeeeeee!

(nice work mate!)


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

I think I’ll drop out of WC! Ah, just kidding, but I know that you’ll win because I can’t think of a good idea. :frowning:

By the way, I never see that type of sewer before. Interesting. :D) Excellent moody atosphere! I love it. Now I gotta think of a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY good idea to beat ya.

thinks hard thinks harder thinks hardest explodes

thanks the for replies :smiley: i posted this early enough giving you enough time for coming up with something better. good luck!

yea c’mon guys show @ndy what you got! because I don’t like his entry look like a bunch of unordered pipe together!

Lol joking, actually I like it, it’s not what I was thinking about when I choose the subject so I would say it’s orignal :smiley: Great lighting!

what a load of tripe. you just took a screeny from the win98 “pipes” screen saver!

nah jk. very cool render, though i would like to see some rust drips going down where the ladder meets the concrete etc.

very cool, how did you apply the texture to the pipes? settings?

got to say cool dude, like that render… in any case the render might look better it you to it verticaly oblong and made black bars on the side, like you would have horizontaly in a movie… :-? forgive my spelling… :smiley:

Very nicely done @ndy!!

I would have added some water coming down from one of the pipes at the top. That would make it perfect.

Great work as always man.


Very realistic . Optimal lighting.
I would want to use the lights like yours.

Very very nice :slight_smile: