weekend challenge entry

(Tommy5) #1

Hi! last night I was not sleepy and voila:


there is 220 000 vertices in scene, blend file is 11 MB big!
I know it’s too much, but Blender handles it well! MAX would crash by that many faces.

what do You thing?

(Jolly Gnome) #2

It looks great! It looks kind of like it’s painted… the sword could be stuck a bit deeper into the stone though, now it looks it’s going to fall off any second :slight_smile:

(ectizen) #3

Maybe that’s the magical part :wink:

That really looks good!

(Pooba) #4

Nice… well the top part. I can’t see the bottom half of the image. ?

(Skates) #5

the one thing I don’t like is the halo light, it could use some work, but otherwise very top-notch stuff. And yeah- the sword could be deeper in.