Weekend Challenge - "Forgotten"

For the weekend challenge. Thought I would try something lighthearted for the theme “forgotten”.

For the thumbnail:

Here’s a quick sketch of my idea:

And here’s a 3d blockout based on the above:


I really want to nail down the composition before I move on so I did a paintover on a render to see what I can improve.

And then I made some notes.

If I get tired of Blender I can just continue to paintover :stuck_out_tongue:


A bit of an update. I decided to remove the eyes/mouth to save time and I think the whole ‘sentient food’ concept comes across better without them. I still need to fix those potato birds and add in some other details/textures.

I feel like I’m getting close to the uncanny valley of anthropomorphized food here.

Just for comparison, Here’s a version with some grease pencil faces, haha.

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I’ve never really tried out the compositor before so I figured I would mess around with it a bit. I want to try and get a more cartoony effect.

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I’m calling it done for now. Maybe I’ll come back and add some other details later. I had fun learning about the compositor though!