Weekend Challenge is back!

(blengine) #1

just in case any of you didnt know, theeth is now being awesome and hosting the weekend contests =)
so go here and placehold for weekend challenge #19



(haunt_house) #2

wasn´t he awesome before?

(CubeFan973) #3

What happened to Ecitizen?

(bmax) #4


jk :smiley:

(IngieBee) #5

Errr… He up and tucker’d out on us. But he was a good 'un while he lasted. Thanks be to Theeth!

Thanks granpa for the notice. I also got your cd’s but have been too sick to check 'em out, and so dead that I forgot to tell ya thanks, sorry,

Love Ingie

(theeth) #6

Challenge #20 just opened! Be quick and grab a place: