Weekend with LuxCore

A quick render I did last weekend for a change of pace. Rendered with LuxCoreRender on gpu.

Model by rudolfs (from Skechfab)


Wow! Amazing

Thx for making me feel like my project is crap. Awesome work.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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Oh! I hadn’t even noticed the Sketchfab link until now. It’s easy to embed the Sketchfab player: just put the Sketchfab URL on its own line and it will automatically show the 3D model/

Another piece done with the help of Blender and LuxCore. This time a short vfx shot.

Video version here -https://vimeo.com/364759300


Her spells must be very sexual and, seductive . . Nice work . .

It Looks very sexual And, mature - - I Want that Game lol lol

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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  1. I try to zoom in on the face and if there were any coworkers present I would probably be branded a pervert for what happened next. It’s just the ui mechanic and can’t be avoided, but it was funny.
  2. What makes luxcore important here?
  3. I like the stylisation.
  4. I like the (sketchfab) background.
  5. was the model hand-modeled or generated from something like makehuman?

The style is really nice in my opinion, red suits it. If it were any darker we would expect to see some sophistication with the character, so it’s good where it’s at. Not sure if that was intentional but hey, I’m not the pro here. :smiley: Leaving the sex appeal aside I really enjoy the detailing; the flair at the top of the hood, the two stretched fingers on the left hand, the glowing cape (I guess sketchfab desn’t support that?).

It is just me killIng time on weekends. I see a cool model on skechfab or wherever. If download is available I download it, do some rendering, compositing, texturing etc. I use LuxCore because I prefer that to Cycles. That’s all there is to it :slight_smile:

I’m interested in listening to, what exactly you like in lux more than in cycles?

For me important scene export time in GPU mode and it in LUX is HUGE in compare with cycles…

Compiling on gpu might take longer, but that is only for final render. I like the results better, I haven’t used cycles much tough, but even if I sometimes start to make shaders in cycles I switch to LuxCore, I cannot pinpoint what that is, but I like the look of LuxCore more.

This is the kind of modeling I crave to learn to do. Thanks for sharing.

Another render done on a weekend. I guess it is starting to become a habit :smiley:
Model is from this thread Red buoy
Found a photo from Pixabay and composited in Fusion