Weekend's Sketchbook

(Mobin) #1

Hi, Here I post my practice works. I’ll be glad if you could help me along the way.

Many thanks.

So here is the first one:

I don’t know about this one… something feels very off…

(PhoenixSmith) #2

I really like the style and general tone. A couple things that hit me are the nose looks weirdly sharp on the sides for a woman, in general women have smoother noses and many traditional artists barely draw in the lines of the female nose at all to accentuate the smoothness, the lips look like they might be tad flat (it is hard to tell exactly without seeing a perfect side angle), and finally the arms and shoulders are way to tight. Here is a quick thingy I created to try to show what I mean:

Keep up the good work!

(Mobin) #3

thanks man it opened up eyes. I will use them in my next sculpt.
Also here are the shapes:

(Mobin) #4

I’m practicing realistic modeling… it’s REALLY hard.

I can’t put my finger on it but it seems so unreal… :frowning:

Model: (Leila Hatami, Actress)

Tomorrow I’ll retouch the model more and will do the scarf…


(Mobin) #5

More edits…

re combed the hair, added small hairs. reshaped the brows, reshaped the model a bit. adjusted lighting…
and edited the texture…
next I edit materials more.

I think I won’t ever touch hair ever. Renders take WAY too long to start.
cpu: fx8350 gpu: 8600GT 1GB (My R9 270x 2GB died a month ago…)

(Mobin) #6

And the journey continues…

(Mobin) #7

So worked on eyes and scarf… Blender got so sluggish. (mainly because I ran out of ram -8gb-)

Next I will fix more of the hair and re sculpt the face more…

(Mobin) #8

Ok I’m done with this one, moving on!

(Mobin) #9

This is an sketch I did a year ago:

And Making it right now in Blender:

(Mobin) #10

Texture paint + mat edit


(Mobin) #11

eevee test

blender 2.8 sculpt

not 3d but, Hitman 2D fanart:

(Mobin) #12

↓↓↓ 3 View ↓↓↓

(Mobin) #13

Some eevee texture paint and render test…

and more:

(Mobin) #14

(Mobin) #15

Eevee renders:

Red girl
(Mobin) #16

Eevee render in 2.8 alpha (20 nov):

Eevee render in first 2.8 Beta:

Fixed the eye gloss and hdri lighting
going from blender alpha 20nov to blender alpha messed up the hair so I had to groom it again.

Update: I don’t know if it’s improved or downgraded!