Weekend's Sketchbook

(Mobin) #3

thanks man it opened up eyes. I will use them in my next sculpt.
Also here are the shapes:

(Mobin) #4

I’m practicing realistic modeling… it’s REALLY hard.

I can’t put my finger on it but it seems so unreal… :frowning:

Model: (Leila Hatami, Actress)

Tomorrow I’ll retouch the model more and will do the scarf…


(Mobin) #5

More edits…

re combed the hair, added small hairs. reshaped the brows, reshaped the model a bit. adjusted lighting…
and edited the texture…
next I edit materials more.

I think I won’t ever touch hair ever. Renders take WAY too long to start.
cpu: fx8350 gpu: 8600GT 1GB (My R9 270x 2GB died a month ago…)

(Mobin) #6

And the journey continues…

(Mobin) #7

So worked on eyes and scarf… Blender got so sluggish. (mainly because I ran out of ram -8gb-)

Next I will fix more of the hair and re sculpt the face more…

(Mobin) #8

Ok I’m done with this one, moving on!

(Mobin) #9

This is an sketch I did a year ago:

And Making it right now in Blender:

(Mobin) #10

Texture paint + mat edit


(Mobin) #11

eevee test

blender 2.8 sculpt

not 3d but, Hitman 2D fanart:

(Mobin) #12

↓↓↓ 3 View ↓↓↓

(Mobin) #13

Some eevee texture paint and render test…

and more:

(Mobin) #14

(Mobin) #15

Eevee renders:

Red girl
(Mobin) #16

Eevee render in 2.8 alpha (20 nov):

Eevee render in first 2.8 Beta:

Fixed the eye gloss and hdri lighting
going from blender alpha 20nov to blender alpha messed up the hair so I had to groom it again.

Update: I don’t know if it’s improved or downgraded!

(Mobin) #17

expand the vid and slide the timeline to rotate freely!
also you can right click and enable loop!

(Mobin) #18

trying face rigging!

(Mobin) #19

(Mobin) #20

my entry for clay competition. 3hrs.

(Mobin) #21

eevee metal shader hair

(Mobin) #22

Mad Clown