Weekly Animations

Hey all,

Feel free to check out my latest animations here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFXU7NFG7dOU6k2m0WZ5IpQ

I’m currently up to week 4 in my personal animation challenge. Week 4’s animation is a great example of what the animation challenge is all about. Being busy all week, sick and guests staying at my house, I had very little time to create the video. However as you can see, its up, its on time and its OK. (Full thing created in 8hrs, start to finish including render time)

The whole point of this challenge is for me, to stop being a perfectionist, I’m sure we’ve all been there, tweaking one small, useless part of something, whether it be an animation, sculpt, rig or painting. In doing this challenge I have been practising to ‘drop’ or ‘cancel’ certain parts, ‘cut corners’ that I never would have before.

That said, I still want to create high quality content, its just that I am happy to sacrifice it if i need to :slight_smile:

Here’s the end scene for Week 4

I’m always open to constructive criticism, questions or suggestions

Good animation but specifically at 0:17, I noticed that the end of your scene looks a little awkward. Instead of keeping the background completely flat, you could possibly add some sort of curvature or you could add some other foliage to break it up.

That uniform look may be what you were going for, if it was, disregard my advice lol

Hi SamirTho,

I’ll keep your advice in mind for future videos, in this case I wanted it to seem barren, to give the feeling of being alone. I’m actually kind of wishing i didn’t even have the grass puffs. Although perhaps then it would truly have been empty.