Weekly challenge event feedback

When voting during the weekly challenge I found it hard to try remembering peoples names and corresponding it with the votes. I wanted to be able to easily see the top voted peoples renders instead of remembering their names and scrolling. I was thinking You guys could make it so by clicking on the user in the voting panel it will take you to the part of the page were they submitted their render. This should make it easier to vote and to review people renders! you could also make it so that their render pops up when you press their name on the voting panel to see. Also could there be a vote button right next to the persons renders so you don’t have to remember their names and scroll up. These are just ideas on how to achieve these floors. You can use other ways that could be discussed!

Please take my ideas into consideration! It will make the voting way easier!



This would be really cool! (if it’s something possible on this website)

It’s a good idea, but Discourse can’t do it ‘out of the box’. This would require developing a custom plugin I think.


I believed that the developers of the contest page or the website could add these changes!

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You’re talking about the weekly challenges here on Blender Artists, right? I manage this website, and I don’t think this will be a simple/cheap thing to add, sorry.

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Its ok! Its just an idea. I am not sure how you make the websites and i’m happy to help if it will improve it. Just keep this idea in mind! That’s all i can ask. I am sure you guys are spending time to improve the website in other ways! I could send you some sample code for you to implement if you want? Anyway. Have a nice day!

PS: What do you mean about developing a custom plugin? Couldn’t you just implement a button were on click it shows the rendered work of the person? (on click img = true?) Also with the voting right next to the submission would also just be adding a button. You could achieve this by literally copy and pasting the voting code from the top and put it next to the corresponding users render. I am not sure what you mean…

It would need a custom plugin as we’d have to extend the existing Discourse framework. And trust me, ‘just adding a button’ is never simple :wink:

If you don’t mind me asking what language are you guys using?

Discourse is built in Ruby on Rails. We don’t actively develop in it ourselves, but rather rely on open source or paid contributions.

good job. Nice!

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