Weekly Model Challenge

I started a self-imposed challenge on ModDB this month and figured I’d share it here as well. Every month I get a new theme, and each week I have to complete 1 new model based on that theme, from conception to a final/textured/lighted render. This month is dedicated to space ships. Here is my current progress.

Update - August 19, 2011

The first week of my monthly challenge thread has come to a close. Attached here is the final result of that first week. Any comments or criticisms on the final result will be greatly appreciated. Click on the picture to see the full-sized render.

Update - August 26, 2011

This is the final result of week 2 of my monthly challenge thread. It is not my best, by far, but I learned some good things with this week. Mainly, I need to schedule my time better and ensure deadlines that are being properly met. Here’s hoping week 3’s outcome is better.

What about engines?

Good idea, by the way.

It’s a shotgun with wings. I like it.

I assume it’s all one connected mesh? Personally, I’m still trying to discover the proper non-biological modeling etiquette as far as that goes.

Thanks…as far as engines, they were an extreme afterthought when it came to this concept and the other like it. As for my 3rd concept for the month the engine was the primary idea that spawned the design of the ship. So as far as practicality goes it is the more successful of the 3 designs. And thanks.

Yes, it is a shotgun with wings. When doing 2 of the 3 concepts for this month I was randomly looking at pictures and realized certain weapons looked like spaceships and ran with it. The other one like this was modeled after a .45.

And no, it’s not all one connected mesh. As far as the main body is concerned it is, but the minor details, as well as the wings, are seperate meshes. Though I will probably try to connect certain parts into the main mesh if time allows. As far as advice for non-biological modeling, I say just go with what feels right and produces the best result. Everyone is always going to have their own techniques and styles and worrying about “who says what is right” is pointless. Just always be conscious of topology and you should be fine.

Nice concept and inspiration you could really go with it and have an entire fleet modelled after weapons if you wanted :smiley:

Is gonna be textured too?

I’m going to go as far as I can with it in the span of 1 week, that is the purpose of the challenge. So yes, if time allows it will be textured. By the Thursday deadline of each week I at least have to have the modeling 100% completed and a final lighted render. This is all the interest of both increasing the speed with which I model and work on projects but also to help inflate my portfolio a bit before graduating college.

New render posted. The modeling is coming along nicely. A bit worried about having to texture this thing. Wish I’d put a bit more thought into the concepts but this is part of what this whole challenge is about. Learning to concept and model more effectively and be able to work under pressure and deadlines.

Final modeling render posted. Any crits or comments? I’d like to hear some thoughts on this so far.

Started unwrapping the model. Progress is slow but at this point I’m too wide awake to sleep, so I might as well continue. I can always sleep tomorrow night.

Week 1 of the challenge thread has come to a close. Attached to the first post is the final result of the week of work. I hope those of you watching enjoy it and I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming second week of the challenge. I will post an update tomorrow when I have started with it.

Good work! I think with the textures it gives it more scale. Looking forward to the next week.

So am I. The next concept is starting to take shape and hopefully the modeling phase will not take me as long this time. Should be an interesting outcome now that I’ve had some experience unwrapping and texturing something like this. A far cry from the organic models I’m used to.

New progress render posted for the current progress on week 2’s model. Coming out fairly well. It is the first thing I’m modeling exclusively with Blender 2.59 as it is, finally, a stable release. Finding the experience all in all enjoyable.

Another update posted. Nearing the end of the modeling on this one. Texturing may be a bit more of a hassle than the last one considering I’m going to have to spend more time on creating a clean unwrap but hopefully I can manage it by the Friday deadline.

Final render posted for week 2 of the challenge. Could have been a lot better, but I have a deadline for a reason. Here’s hoping week 3 goes better for me.