Weekly Nano Game #2

You have four hours between now and when the timer stops.
Make a game using one of the themes:

  • Drive/Pilot
  • Ancient
  • The Creation

How you Participate:
Post your WIP in the this thread, and put your finished game in the finished game forums with the prefix [WNG].
There is no contest, this is just for developers to practice working to deadlines and encourage more games to be made. For a more formal event, wait until BGMC22 in a month or so.


  • Premade Assets are allowed, but must be used legally (ie CC licencing)
  • The game should be made in a blender-integrated engine (BGE, UPBGE, BDX, blenderpanda, Armoury)
  • The source for the game should be made available.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, but four hours each.

Suggested Development Timeline:

  • Sunday: Design your game based one one (or more) of the themes
  • Week-days: Spend half-an-hour in the evenings working on your game
  • Saturday: You have an hour and a half to finish it off!

The Creation? As in a create something theme, or The Creation as in the world?

I think 1 game a week is too much for me

Starting work right now!:evilgrin:

Whichever you like.

All good. Maybe next week?

Already! Awesome!

I’m in again, this time I may have more time.

Hmm… maybe time to try the infinite racing prototype I’ve always wanted to do.

I don’t yet know exactly what my game is. I think I’ll be flying through some sort of ancient something. But here is the player vehicle.
1 hour so far.

I’m not quite convinced by the headlights.

The plan:
0.5 hours: Piloting Mechanics
0.5 hours: A cockpit/interior
2 hours: Model and implement whatever the player is going to be doing.

@Grenzer: Post a screenshot.

hmmm four hours
iḿ down. lets roll

3 hours already.
Got a working prototype for an infinite runner game that actually works, will post something soon, hopefully I can free up another hour before the end of the week.

I recorded some gameplay last night, I’ll post it when I get home. It’s an infinite flying/survival game where you fight waves of enemies. You could theoretically fly forever - at least until floating point precision made your game crash! :wink:

I went over by 1 hour in the end. I wanted to add sounds and scoring.
Anyway, it was a fun exercise. It’s still great to make a game in 5 hours. :slight_smile:
I’ll post it tomorrow.

I’ve spent an hour so far with all of the models so far.

honestly I don’t have much time this week, so I don’t know if I can put 4 hours in.

Heres some gameplay

oOh you love planes too? I used to want to be a pilot before I found Blender. (But I still love flying)

Flying and Blender are my two main hobbies :yes: