Wega's Sketches

Hi all :slight_smile:
I just want to create this place to help myself keep track of my progression. I’ve decided to be more serious about CG and I’m going to invest more in it. So lets hope I can look back on this thread en a year or two and see some nice progression :slight_smile:

As I am joining the Architecture Academy tomorrow, there is likely going to be a lot of archviz here the first couple of months.
And for the first upload here, I’m going to post what is going to act as a reference point. Then when I’m done with the Academy I’ll be able too see if I’ve made progress.

Thump update:

First week of the academy done, and here is my shot at the homework:

Original image from the first post and my first real archviz:

Nice, I like the homework one you did a lot. I’m in the academy as well, but I haven’t bothered with the homework as of yet. Been busy doing my own. Yours looks really good though.

Thanks Realityfox :slight_smile:

This week is done:

One thing I really learned this week was particle systems. I’m much more confident using them now, and know a lot more about how they work. So thats really nice.
Again this week i could have used a lot more time on it, and i’m not satisfied with it. But I’m learning a lot and I’m getting faster, so it’s all good.

Do you have to pay for Architecture Academy? And when does it start and how long does it last? And how much does it cost?

…oh, yes… nice renders! :slight_smile: I like your homework the most. It looks really, really good!

Thanks :slight_smile:
You can find more info about the Academy here: http://www.thearchitectureacademy.com/

thank you!

Didn’t notice it mentioned anywhere, but I’m assuming you’re using Cycles?

Nice work BTW.

Yes all Cycles, and thanks :slight_smile:

I wish you would have said it was some super expensive renderer so I wouldn’t be tempted to sign up. LOL.

To me, cycles is no limitation. I know it handles light in a different way than other render engines, but I have seen amazing work done in Cycles, so it’s just a question of me learning how to do that :slight_smile:

Your homework is definitely paying off Wega… So do you have to design your own scenes, or do they use predesigned templates or something.

Thanks Harley :slight_smile:
The course is build up around tutorials where most people just make what in those, but then there is the homework section too. Here you are only provided with a single reference photo and then you have to duplicate that as good as you can. The interior I posted is a homework, but the latest exterior is where i followed the tutorial but made some changes around the house.
I am working on my own projects on the side as well though :slight_smile:

Another one completed.
Render time was 12.5 hours at 12000 samples :eyebrowlift:

Technical I’m pretty satisfied with this one, but I need to improve my story telling and composition.

Technical I’m pretty satisfied with this one

You should be, it came out fantastic.

Thank you once again harleynut.
Andrew price just posted a video where he choose this image as one of those that he gave feedback to, and he really liked it. So thats a lot of motivation for me right there :slight_smile:

Next one done. Windows updater forced my computer to restart over the night, closing down Blender as well so I lost my render :frowning: So I wasnt able to complete it before the deadline.
I’m not really satisfied with this one at all, but I didnt use my time very good, so I spent way to much time on this one, where I really just should have remade the whole scene instead. So I was forced to continue working on this one, even though I diddnt really like it.