Weigh Paint Problem...

Alright i’m a n00b at chacter rigging, so what?

Ok, what happens is when i have a particular mesh to give weight to but the mesh turns blue and wont allow me to give it weight.

any solutions?

Hello wasabeeguy and welcome to Blender Artists.

Given that you said your mesh turned blue, I think you have gotten past this point, but I’ll say it anyway for reference…

First you need an armature (skeleton) and a mesh to weight paint on, which will be associated with the armature and bend when that armature bends. When you select the armature (object mode is fine) and make the properties panel show (N-key) you can see its name. By default this is usually “Armature” (p.s. capitals are important in naming). Some people like to just “parent” armature and mesh, but I prefer to select the mesh, then “add modifier” of type “armature” and type the armature into the OB: field in the modifier panel.

If this stage is done, then moving armature bones in pose mode should move the mesh, but probably with messy results. You could have fine tuned envelopes and such but chances are good that you will need to weight paint for good effect.

:slight_smile: I think you are up to here already :slight_smile:

So… to weight paint, go into pose mode for your armature like you are going to pose the character. Select one of the bones. Now, SHIFT-[right click]select the mesh as well. If you go into weight paint mode, the mesh should turn blue as you say. If the properties panel is not up, hit the N-key to get it. The panel now has controls for different weight paint brushes (Add, Mix, Subtract etc). You can not paint onto the mesh for the selected bone. Right click other bones to weight paint them.

Weight paint mode works like pose mode, so you can move the character around and refine the smoothness of your painting. Start with fill strength brush to paint each bone area, then use lesser weight brushes (e.g 25%) to make the bends deform as curves. The blur tool is especially useful for this.

EDIT: You should get rid of mirror modifiers etc before attempting to weight paint as they conflict.