weight animation, possible?

Hi blender people.

This time I have a question I don’t find any answer on the doc or the net.

Is it possible to animate weight painting? That means creating an ipo from it?
Or is it possible to create a kind of RVK for weight?
Or animate weight through a procedural texture or a grayscale image sequence?

thanks for your answers :)!

No, I don’t believe weight counts as a texture channel. Perhaps it should.

I’m not sure what you’re after exactly but the new Money Brush might be close - though I have no idea how it works or what it really does. Google “Blender Monkey Brush” (or search elysiun) for a link.

No you can’t animate weight painting.

The monkey brush is made only with shapes key. How to do it : Just take the monkey head mesh, add a new shape , go in edit mode and hit the to sphere button. Assign a new vertex group with weight = 1. And then you can go in weight paint mode and paint the mesh with a 0 value and the monkey will appear.