Weight assingment problem?

Blender newbie here, after following a tutorial to get a basic model and rigging up, I’ve run in to a problem where even though the weight painting seems right by any guide I’ve found but, certain bones in the armature seem to be effecting or not effecting the wrong parts of the mesh, when I try weight painting to correct this, it gets worse. Can anyone please help explain this? Thanks


monkey man done armiture.blend (1.02 MB)

when i open the file NONE of the vertex groups has any vertex group assigned to them. are you sure you were in weight paint mode?
also you can uncheck bone envelopes in the armature modifier, it’s unnecessary if you gonna use weight paint.

you can also assign weights through object data - vertex groups. but weight paint is more intuitive.

you shouldn’t name all your bones spine.

i recommened deleting the armature modifier and then reparenting the mesh to the armature again with automatic weights and then to start weight painting from there

… Ok, Thank you, but I’m lost and confused. I seem to have found a WIP solution in scaling the bones while displaying them as envelopes, and have corrected the bone names, but weight paint still confuses my (RE: not begin able to select an individual bone before entering, what weights to use, etc, etc) is there a tutorial you’d recommend? Thanks again.


Ok, I’ve figured out limited weight painting, but moving the Head I cant think of a single reason why the shoulders move with it like that, any ideas?


Current Theory RE: Head issue, the chin being considered connected to the area of chest below it, weight paint and bone envelope don’t seem to show this however, anyone got anything?

(Also, perhaps this thread could be moved to WIP? Sorry if it was in the wrong place to start off with, in addition, is it fine to double post for updates like this? I’d prefer not to but I’m not sure what the policy is around here,)


monkey man done armiture MORE PROGRESS! labeled.blend (1.04 MB)

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