Weight Paint and Armature Problem

I admit to being a noob… kind:spin:. You see I know about quite a few things in blender, but weight painting is not one of them:no:.
Ok, here’s my problem.

I model my character mesh, then I model an armature to fit the body. I do all the parenting and such-which-and-what-not, then I select a bone and go into weight paint on the mesh. I select a bone and paint the vertices that need to be painted for that bone to work properly. Then I test it out, and every time at least one bone moves something that it shouldn’t! So I grab the bone and put it somewhere I can clearly see the weird vertex deformation. Then I go back to weight paint and attempt to subtract the unwanted deformation. Half of the time it works, sometimes I have a weird point sticking out of the mesh’s side because I try to lift his arm!
I would really appreciate anything you can do to help me. Because usually I will just sit the with my stupid mesh going “:eek:” or “:mad:”. Thanks in advance,
-Fabled Face

You may want to try the following things:

  1. Decrease your brush size, as you may be painting other parts of your armature lightly.

2.Sometimes you will end up with vertices that can’t be painted by the weight paint brush in the rest position. Select the bone you want the vertex to be attached to, and move it away, and paint the vertices that get “left behind.”

  1. One issue I had recently was caused by unintended bones being rolled so they looked normal in edit mode, but severely deformed the mesh in pose and weight paint modes. I fixed it by selecting the entire armature in edit mode and hitting “Ctrl-N” to reset the bone rolls (Z-axis up).

  2. Also make sure you’re moving your bones in edit mode, as moving them in weight paint mode or pose mode will only pose them, not correct them.

Hope that helps!

Another good method for finding and removing stray point’s is to switch to edit mode for the object mesh and to edit the vertex weights , I find it easier than using the weight painting mode for finding troublesome vertex values.

for example say your bicep bone was affecting verts in the wrong area and you can’t seem to sort it out with the brush tools switch to edit mode for your mesh select the vertex group for the bicep bone and you will clearly see any verts you dont wan’t to be affected, select these verts and click on the remove button to remove the weight value from the vertex group.

Fabled Face,
Are you working with version 2.49 or 2.5?
In 2.5, strangely enough, i used to do charater animations by simply adding a Armature constraint to the mesh and then select the Armature, once this in pose mode shift select the Mesh, choose Weight paint mode abnd brush the bones’ groups… No problem, always worked.
Yesterday i wanted to go into the Ctrl+P process… and here: everything got into a total mess. The character gets the freakiest aleatory positons and crippled deformations. Unbelievable.
I’m still after it.

@leafboy214: Thank you for giving me several ways to try to fix the problem, I will try them all until I find which works. Thanks again.

@Sudai: Ok I will try this too. Thanks you for the help

@almux: No I’m not using 2.5. I am afraid of the change because I finally got fairly good at 2.49 and now there’s a new version! I don’t know how well I will do in 2.5. Is it similar to 2.49? Thank you for your help

Some helpful hints: (at least for my methods)

Use ALT+B while weight painting to close off sections you only want to paint to keep the brush from slipping to the unkown.

Also, my method, which is not official at all but works for me, is to apply the bone weights to the model, then while in weight paint mode go ahead and select all the bones and move the model. You might see some spikes, but all you need to do is select a bone that it should apply to and paint it. The spikes will normally disappear when you paint them. Once the whole model responds to the movement of the armature as a whole, test out your joints and apply any modifications as necessary, like IK constraints.

Once your all done use ALT G to return the bones to their default placement and ALT R for rotation.

Hopes this helps.

:RocknRoll: Don’t use 2.49 anymore since weeks. Last time i went back for the yet missing UV bake process in 2.5… gee! The 2.49 UI looks really so “oldish”… Don’t want to use it no more! :smiley:

almux:If you go into the little editing window and go to modifiers(if you did the Ctrl+P thing)there should be the “Armature Parent Deform” and below the other armature modifier.Well if theyre both there then its not going to work properly,you must close the bottom one and then it should work.