Weight Paint/Animating problem

So heres my model. If you look at picture A its in relaxed position. Now the mesh is a bunch of different objects, like the upper arm and forearm are two different objects. So I parented the forearm mesh to the armature and then weight painted it(solid red). As you can see in picture B when I rotate the armature in pose mod the mesh does not stay lined up with it. And if I rotate it around far enough you can see that the forearm is resizing.


ok, so the hand verts need to be in the forearm group. Then they will move when the forearm bone moves.

All the verts need to be red (weight 1.0)

Only the verts around the crook of the elbow (the bend) need/should be green or less than red.

Thanks, I think i’m just going to join all my objects together and go from there

looks like an old version of Masterchief :slight_smile: