Weight paint blur effect does not apply

The weight blusher seems to have been applied well in the blender, but export the amateur and mesh objects to fbx, the mesh collapses like this.

The bugged render, what is that from? How does it look if you re-import the .fbx into Blender?

The first thing Iโ€™d be worried about would be limits on the number of vertex groups in various engines. I believe that Unity, for example, only supports 4 groups per vertex, and simply dropping the least doesnโ€™t always lead to good deformation.


Such Exported files, although pretty versatile CG-wise on sharing Data, can have many limitations if compared for example to blend files โ€”or what you can achieve inside Blender projects.

Like, for example, if you are using Object Modifiers on the Mesh Object (e.g., Solidify Modifier), Exportation in fbx will automatically Apply all Object Modifiers except maybe forโ€ฆ the Armature Modifier (maybe there are other exceptions, but I canโ€™t confirm). In Blender Manual 3.2 there is this content about FBX files:


Thus, you should be careful when making projects inside Blender that you need to Export to other softwares; you might require to give up on using certain cool features that would work inside Blender but not on the Exported file or/nor on the next software.