Weight paint bone issue

I have been painting my model for the last hour or so with no problems but just as i finished painting an area i went to select the next bone and blender wouldnt let me do it, blender still seems to be working fine it just wont let me select any more bones, even ones that ive already painted

Is there a limit to how many vertex groups you can have? and is that the reason why i cant select anymore bones? i already have somewhere around 50 or so vertex groups

just looking back at it there, there seems to be a bone on the models back that is selected but i did not select it and now cant be unselected

nevermind, figured it out haha. i somehow turned off the cursor for the armature on the top right, working now

haha yes that would do it :smiley: nice looking rig by the way

Cheers! :slight_smile: