Weight paint brush setting/weight/strength

I am doing skin weight paint and I find a strange thing. Please tell me if I am the only one who finds it weired.
in brush setting,
Weight and strength both settings behave in same.
i want to paint .5 joint weight value all over the skin but when I double paint it becomes of value 1 . Please suggest to me if you guys know any other way.

Looking forward,

Hi Tajinder,

I understand your confusion. The additive and subtractive brush are both cumulative. I.e. they will add or subtract to the value of the weight that is already present on the vertices that your painting.

The draw brush will instead allow you to work with direct values. If you set its weight to 0.5 and strength to 1 it will paint exactly that value.

As a general tip: don’t forget to enable auto normalize and never turn it of. If you have been weightpainting without it turned on go to Weights > Auto normalize > Deform Pose Bones to make certain you have a sane starting point. It will save you a lot of headache. :wink:

thanks @3dioot , auto normalized weights are on you are right it makes me confused :smiley:

“If you set its weight to 0.5 and strength to 1 it will paint exactly that value.” yes it works in the same way but if i move my brush twice on the same vertex, the value becomes 1 .is not it wrong? it should be .5, what do you say?

I think you missed the part where I told you to use a different brush :slight_smile:


yes, i do use draw brush, with blend setting subtract/add “most of the time” but result is same .

The default setting for the Draw brush is “mix”.

I’d suggest you not touch the blend mode and use the different brushes instead.

With that said, if you set the blend to mix you will see it does what you want.


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finally. Yes, it is working perfectly as expected. Thanks so much for help :slight_smile:

Happy to hear this helped! :+1: