Weight Paint Disappears When I Select a Bone

Hello, I’m new to the community! I have a burning question and I’m hoping to get some traction on it. Here’s the StackExchange post:

The gist of it is that when I select a bone in weight-paint mode, the weights all disappear. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Weights aren’t the only thing that disappears there, it looks like navigation icons go too. Which may suggest a video driver issue.

Here’s my graphics card info:

There was a similar report a couple weeks ago, so far without much developer input. Perhaps it’s worth to add your experience there, for more coverage.

If you switch to wireframe mode, can you see any of the faces or just an outline of the object? Because if thats the case, then this isnt just related to weight painting, but is the same pose-mode bug ive been experiencing almost constantly since 2.81.

@Stan_Pancakes Thanks. Just replied there.
@NiklasWerth Yes, in wireframe mode, there’s only an outline.

This is definitely a bug because I just confirmed selecting bones while in weight-paint mode works on a Windows computer with a better graphics card (and I’m assuming also the latest drivers).