weight paint goes through the mesh

Hey! Sorry if some terms aren’t the correct ones, I’m still learning.
When I use the weight paint brush it goes through my mesh, for example I paint at the clavicle and it adds weights to the back as well. My mesh has no inner faces, I already tried changing limit selection to visible on/off and changed the brush size, it didn’t help.
Painting at the clavicle:

And it somehow adds weights to the back as well:

I hope someone can help me :’)

Hello and welcome to BA.org!

It’s really hard to tell from your pictures what is going on. Yes, I see the mesh has weight paint on the back of the mesh, but that’s all I know right now.

When asking for help, it’s best to post your .blend file so someone can get in there and look around. Adding a .blend file to your post might not work because your post count is low, it’s an anti-spam thing. You can up your post count quickly by posting thoughtful feedback in the artwork sections of this forum, or you can host the .blend file off-site and post a link to it here.

Good luck,

Your mesh is hollow so your painting doesn’t really go through the mesh, if you’ve got a bigger brush than the area you’re painting you will paint the other side as well. This is probably easier to understand if you hide the character mesh since it’s not being taken into account (from what I know).

You can either mask the part you’re painting on with the face selection option (and box select the front part or whatever) or just join the clothes and the body mesh temporarily and paint the clothes and the body at the same time to make sure the occlusion is working. This won’t really work if you’re using the same bones since you probably want to remove the weight you accidentally painted on the body when you’re done painting the clothes.

Or really just forget about painting the clothes at all and just transfer the weights from the body mesh with the data transfer operator. :stuck_out_tongue: