Weight Paint Gradients Not Working

I’ve recently noticed that weight painting with gradients seems to be completely broken in Blender 2.93.3 and 3.0 alpha. I can’t do it with the weight paint tools or with the keyboard short cuts. (alt-lmb-drag for lines and ctrl-alt-lmb-drag for radial). The file doesn’t seem to matter. I opened a new file, subdivided the start cube and it still wouldn’t work. It’s like it isn’t even there. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I don’t have an issue. I just left click and drag and it works for me.

It was working for me fine in 2.93.3, but I just recently installed 2.93.5 (where it’s also working.)

I haven’t tested 3.0.

I use those frequently, so I’d probably notice the instant the stop working (and throw a huge tantrum, those are essential tools for me.)

I would not be surprised if the shortcuts have something to do with your first-run interface choices. For me, I’m set up for RMB select, 2.79 shortcuts, no pie menus-- old-school.

Edit: You should check your paint settings-- some of them are used by the gradient tools (like if your falloff is set to flat zero, your gradients won’t do anything.) Might also be wise to check which tool you’re using; I’m almost always either in paint or select.

Thank you for the quick response.
I almost never mess with the falloff and it is set where it normally is.
I discovered it will work if I use the gradient tool (instead of the brush) without keyboard shortcuts. I don’t recall having to do this before but it works and I’m happy.

Found the problem. I had “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” enabled in preferences. I disabled it and now it works properly.