weight paint headache

I made my model rigged it and skinned it. When i tried posing there were problems so i weight painted Here is my problem areas i don’t want affected i paint blue even still parts of the blue are affected when i pose so i can’t be getting to the unseen parts how can i get to the blind places?


with out a blend file it’s hard to say

but it sounds like you have the verts in more than one vert group
or you have envelopes on when you don’t want it on

I will fool with it then post thefile if i can’t fix it. one more question the eyes will be moving. i made them separate so I joined them to the main mesh is that the correct way to do it? Maybe that is part of the problem?


the eyes can be joined
or the eyes can be seperate

But if i keep the eye separate when i paint the head area I can’t paint the eyes so when the head moves the eyes stay in the same area, if i connect the eyes to the main mesh then moving the eyes will affect the areas (sockets) Is there a way to paint a separate mesh to the main part? I am a complete beginner


there are tonnes of face rigging tutorials out there


try this