Weight paint issue - something accidentally turned on

I am having a issue with weight paint not working properly.
I seems to have accidentally turned on something, and every time I try to weight paint, a line appears and wouldn’t paint properly. What did I turn on and how can I turn it off?

You might have changed stroke method to “Line”, set it back to “Space” and it should be fine:

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Thanks - I tried! It partially worked but I think it’s a different line. (Still, it was good to know new tricks) The line from Stroke<StrokeMethod is dotted and thicker, and not the same thing that I’m having issue with. I get the line when I use airbrush, space or dots.

Allright then, this “Smooth Stroke” option is probably enabled, try disabling it.


Thanks so much for the help!

And here’s the finished piece thanks to your advice.:

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